Cash Me Outside…A Mom’s Perspective

Many of you have seen the above video and hashtag #CashMeOutside that has gone viral in one form or another. I currently shared a version on Facebook where a comedian inserted himself into the scenario and pretended he was conversing with this young lady which I admit I found very funny. But after watching numerous clips, reading some comments from strangers and some of the additional videos circulating of this young lady responding to her new found viral fame I started to see this through “Mom eyes”.

This is a video clip of a young girl that was brought on a popular, sensational “Talk Show” by her mother so a fake doctor, the audience and the rest of the world could validate her opinion that their daughter was out of control. Most parents do this on some level; I do it often with my posts about my son on Facebook, he does something funny or strange or even when he misbehaves a bit I post about it looking for validation or confirmation that is normal or for people to laugh at me and my situations with him. Where I feel this mother took a wrong turn is she wasn’t turning to friends, family or even a community of parents online or close to home, she exposed her child’s worst side to the entire world to be consumed for entertainment. And now instead of fixing the problem, a whole new onslaught of issues are arising.

Buh-Bye Bell


Buckle up babies, I know it has been awhile so this is going to be a LONG one!

So, Bell Canada fooled me good. Last year they convinced me to switch to them. They offered me more channels and unlimited Internet for less than what I was paying with Rogers. My Bill was going to go from about $140 plus taxes with Rogers to $118 plus taxes with bell for the “Better” package and Unlimited Internet.

All I had to do was sign a 2 year contract. I asked multiple times will I pay the same amount for the duration of the contract? I was assured again and again that the contract for services and equipment was for 2 years. I said “Sign me up” Continue reading

Tears of Entertainment: My Top 5 Tear Jerker Moments in Entertainment

Inspired by Grey’s Anatomy’s #TearsofGreys I decided to make a top Five list of TV Shows or Movies that make me have to break out the tissues even after repeat viewings. So without further adieu…

w2r-a-walk-to-remember-33883984-635-4005. A Walk to Remember

This was my first introduction to Nicholas Sparks and while the story was somewhat formulaic; quiet, somewhat nerdy small town girl catches the attention of the town bad boy and shows him he has a heart. There was something about Mandy Moore’s portrayal of Jamie that I think got to me. She was so innocent and I believed that she wasn’t interested in Landon and that love just happened with them. And it was a beautiful love. It was soft and sweet. It was full of faith and understanding. The way Landon tackled Jamie’s cancer and helped her cross of her bucket list, he made it clear no matter how hard she pushed him away that they were in this together. And it was moving how they spent a lifetime in the little time they had and how Jamie completely changed Landon’s and her father’s lives. I loved how as the viewer you know that her love made sure neither of these men would ever be alone now , that because of their experience with her they now had each other. Ok, now I am crying.
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